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Posting this on a public entry so that I may use this as a source (albeit anecdotal) for a paper I'm writing:

1) Did you encounter the word "pup" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms? What is "pup" short for, as you understand it?
2) did you encounter the word "muse" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms?
3) When did you first see or start using the word "tag" in an RP context? What did you use before that?
4) What is the origin behind the word "mun", as you know it?
5) when did the term "tag" start being used to describe replies in an RP log/thread? When did it begin to be altered from just an interjection (as in "tag, you're it!") to becoming a noun "tags/pile of tags" to becoming a verb "tagging"? When did "tag nirvana/tagvana" come into use?
6) when did you first start LJ/DWRPing?
7) Which do you use--crit, or concrit? Is either of these an older/outdated term? If so, which one and when do you think it fell out of favor?

Date: 2014-05-08 03:42 am (UTC)
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1. i have, but it's a term i only saw in my first year rping as it fell out of favor and was replaced by "muse" or "character". in terms of what games or comms? never in games, only in more lighthearted comms or ooc discussion. "pup" is a way to refer to a character in my understanding.

2. that one was there at the same time, but it was in the game area already and so occupied much the same area as "pup" did. "muse" is another way to refer to a character.

3. i've been using "tag" since i started.

4. "mun" is short for mundane, a reference to the player who compared to their character is "mundane".

5. no idea when "tag" started coming into play since it was already there, but "tag nirvana" and "tagvana" seem to have started with the rise of plurk, which was 2010, i think. i never saw the term before then.

6. started on lj in 2009. came over to dw in the great migration after update 88.

7. generally i use crit, just a personal preference. concrit feels a little older, though it's really not outdated -- it's just used less in the "less is more" vernacular of rpers. i mean look, we've got tag, mun, muse, crit, game, a whole bunch of acronyms and small words in the vocabulary of rpers as well as the attached anon communities.

sorry for the little tangent there.



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