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Posting this on a public entry so that I may use this as a source (albeit anecdotal) for a paper I'm writing:

1) Did you encounter the word "pup" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms? What is "pup" short for, as you understand it?
2) did you encounter the word "muse" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms?
3) When did you first see or start using the word "tag" in an RP context? What did you use before that?
4) What is the origin behind the word "mun", as you know it?
5) when did the term "tag" start being used to describe replies in an RP log/thread? When did it begin to be altered from just an interjection (as in "tag, you're it!") to becoming a noun "tags/pile of tags" to becoming a verb "tagging"? When did "tag nirvana/tagvana" come into use?
6) when did you first start LJ/DWRPing?
7) Which do you use--crit, or concrit? Is either of these an older/outdated term? If so, which one and when do you think it fell out of favor?

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1.) I did encounter the term back in the early to mid 2000's specifically around 2005. I think the first time I heard it was back in Entrance Way on LJ and I had to have someone explain it to me. I was told it meant someones muses, which at the time I just called my characters.

2.) Muse was first used for me in Fallen Pedestals (an OC comm about depowered gods and mythos). Again someone used the term and I ended up picking it up. That's when I first also started to make 'muselists'.

3.) Tag didn't come into my world until closer to when I came back to rp in 2011. I caught it from a friend who was in Eway still. Before that I used 'replied' or just a casual comment about having replies to do or threads not replied to.

4.) I honestly have no idea where the word mun came from, I just gradually started using it when I came back to RP in general on DW. I think it was back on LJ, just because I have a vague memory of someone mentioning it on RP secrets of something similar.

5.) Tag was picked up from the friend. I never really turned it into a sentence it just went from 'replied' to 'finished tags'. I didn't see the term tag nirvana or tagvana until 2012 when I was in Haven.

6.) Didn't notice this one till now- Started into rp back on LJ in... 2004 I think? Maybe, early 2005.

7.) I feel like 'crit' is the older term simply because it seems the rp community is more in favor of wanting constructive crit rather than harsh bashing which seems to come so easily. I first heard it though through fanfiction, authors asking for concrit rather than critiques.
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