Date: 2014-05-08 04:03 am (UTC)
shamera: Ciel pointing out the icon (bb: wait... whut?)
From: [personal profile] shamera
1. Have encountered 'pup' several times in RP -- while it's not the most common of terminologies, it's not a rare or isolated incident. Sad to say, I don't recall when and where specifically. Pup = puppet, although I do tend to associate it with 'puppy' as well, but that could be because of the Harry Potter fandom.

2. I figured 'muse' was the prominent usage, as I've encountered it just about everywhere... although not in games specifically. It's most used by the players than by games? I mean, everyone's got a muselist.

3. I've always used 'tag' in RP! But then again, I've got a terrible memory. Let's say... the first time I distinctly remember using the term was back in 2008. I think I've seen it all the way back to 2004, though. Unless there's someone else to verify it, don't trust me on this.

4. Mun = mundane, the mundane person sitting behind the computer screen writing about these brilliant characters. (Which, to me, also carries Harry Potter associations.)

5. See answer to 3? I honestly have no idea when it transformed, but I think my first encounter with tagvana was when everyone first moved to Plurk. I'm not sure how often that term was used (of if it was at all?) back when people informed each other through AIM.

6. I started in 2008, although I've been following LJRP since 2004 (it's the reason I signed up for a LJ account, and I at least have my account dated to 1 January 2004).

7. I use crit? Pretty sure that's the older term, since concrit still feels new to me (it's a better idea, though).
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