Date: 2014-05-08 03:12 am (UTC)
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1) Did you encounter the word "pup" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms? What is "pup" short for, as you understand it?
Yes, back on LJ with use by at least one or two people - in Econtra I think? Short for "puppet."

2) did you encounter the word "muse" in LJ/DWRP? If so, when do you remember it being used and in what games/comms?
Yes, no idea exactly when I encountered it but it was definitely around in Econtra (the 2007-2009 range).

3) When did you first see or start using the word "tag" in an RP context? What did you use before that?
Very early on - probably my first or second day RPing on LJ. I'd never referred to these things as anything but "replies" before, although LJ was my first experience outside of AIM/forum RP.

4) What is the origin behind the word "mun", as you know it?
Short for "mundane." Not at all sure why someone decided that word or that abbreviation.

5) when did the term "tag" start being used to describe replies in an RP log/thread? When did it begin to be altered from just an interjection (as in "tag, you're it!") to becoming a noun "tags/pile of tags" to becoming a verb "tagging"?
It always was a term for replies as far as I knew, and I was introduced to it as a derivative of "tag, you're it." (One of my first days RPing I got really confused when the people in the AIM chat were saying "Tag, [character name]!" and had to ask what the deal was. This was the explanation I got.) I have no idea when it became a verb, but it might have been pretty early on/by the time I started RPing.

6) when did you first start LJ/DWRPing?
Started RPing on LJ in April 2007.
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