Date: 2012-01-01 04:05 pm (UTC)
rhiannonhero: (Apple Girl Head (fever of fate))
From: [personal profile] rhiannonhero
I think, and I might be wrong, of course, that the real problem is that they have basically multiple possible businesses here, and they all require different needs to be met. They've got the Russian users who are using it as personal presses, they've got Singapore folks using it for business/selling purposes, like etsy or something, and they've got Americans who use it for communities, etc, and lock their posts. (It seems interesting to me that he seems to be a bit down on locked posts and limiting one's reading audience; or maybe that's just the spin I'm putting on this translation.) And to me it seems like they've chosen to focus on one business strategy for the company as a whole, which does make sense in a way since trying to meet everyone's needs seems difficult, and they've decided to go with what makes the most sense in their country. At the same time, I'm wondering if they wouldn't have been better off splintering off into different companies under one big header, and trying to meet each group's needs, instead of basically saying, "Americans use LJ wrong! We will show them how to use it right! Nay, we will FORCE them to use it right!" Interestingly, they seem willing to oblige the Singapore salespeople, but seem hell bent on pissing off Americans.

I mean, just conducting an interview like this in ENGLISH, discussing with the American cash cow of their operations what the plans are and why would go a long way toward appeasing people, or at least making it appear that they respect the people who comprise more than half of their user base and bring in as much money as advertising.

I read a psychological study a year ago that said that people were willing to pay more for worse service so long as they were constantly informed and updated or reassured as they waited for service to be restored. I'm not sure I phrased that well, but what I mean is that keeping people in the loop about what the plan is for the service they're paying for, patiently and respectfully explaining the whys and hows of various changes in service, and doing so well in advance is going to soothe a lot more outrage than taking the "do it and then half-assed explain it later" approach they've been taking at LJ. Since switching to DW, I've found their constant sharing of information re: service so refreshing, and while it's been lagging for me due to the imports, etc, I've not worried a bit about it because I know they are aware of it, they care, and they are working on it/there is an end to it in sight.

Sorry, uh, I got all blah blah blah in this reply. :D I just went off, I guess! :D
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